Stages of Disc Herniation

Stages of Disc Herniation

Disc herniation may develop gradually over the period of months or years. Some time it is realized suddenly with or without any traumatic cause. There are 4 (Four) stages of herniated disc, such as Disc Degeneration, Prolapse, Extrusion, Sequestered Disc or Sequestration

1) Disc Degeneration: Due to aging process Chemicals of the disc gets changes and causes weakness of the disc wall, but in this condition internal disc material does not herniate.

2) Prolapse: In this condition the position or shape of the disc changes with some slight impingement into the spinal canal and/or spinal nerves. This stage is also called a protruding disc or a bulging disc .

3) Extrusion: In this condition nucleus pulposus (internal gel like substance of the disc) breaks through annulus fibrosus (tire-like outer wall of disc ) but remains within cover of the disc.

4) Sequestered Disc or Sequestration: In this condition the nucleus pulposus breaks through the annulus fibrosus and then can go out of the intervertebral disc.

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