Cervical Erosion

Cervical Erosion

when Squamous Epithelium substitute by the Columnar Epithelium on cervicx is known as Cervical Erosion 

Causes: Basically there are four Primary causes to develop a infection, such as

  • In times of pregnancy
  • Hurtful- by sexual interaction, Menstruation period components, sexual organs examiner machine.
  • Use of Chemical components- contraceptive foam, Dus.
  • Infection transmission such as Herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia etc.


  • Never found the symptom in mostly cases.
  • In menstruation pathway (release massive white subs).
  • Bleeding in case of Menstruation Pathway.


  • It actually cures automatically in 12 days after shutting the contraceptive pills or pregnancy time.
  • Sometimes it depends on causes to determine a treatment.
  • Pap smear would be the first step for any kind of treatment to follow the cancer probability.
  • In laser surgery will only offer to fully cure Cervical Erosion without (hysterectomy) by doing less pain or less bleeding surgery.